Graffiti + Running = Map

I like running. I like creative campaigns. And you all know I like maps. So no surprise there that the following excited me. Imagine a campaign to commit youngsters to running and the brand Nike Running. I love the concept that Boondoggle came up with, because it is innovative and it involves maps. Lucky us!

I could tell you about the campaign: about the fact that people connected through social media and started running together, about meet ups at a hotspot called the Nike Run House. It all sounds like I wish I’d been there: fresh, exciting and fun. But obviously what I love most, is – and that is the reason why it is the topic of a MATC blog – the part where people could make cool designs on Google Maps. People were challenged to create graffiti art work on the map by running various routes. Check it out through this link and be amazed! Now this is a way to get people moving…

2 thoughts on “Graffiti + Running = Map

  1. Hey Marleen,
    What a great post. Thanks for the lovely words. We’re currently working on a new campaign for Nike Running, taking the grafitti challenge one step further. We’ll keep you posted when it goes live.
    Tom (partner/strategy director boondoggle amsterdam)

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