Test your knowledge

Maps are a perfect vehicle to test your knowledge. Perfect because maps are so visual: they literally show you what you do or do not know. In this case unfortunately for me it actually was the latter…. As we know, Fox also had a problem recently with pointing out some states, but I was still a bit ashamed.

Click on the map to do the test: can you pinpoint Kuweit, Uzbekistan and Chad? Or Niger, Mali and Quatar? Safe to say I did know Marocco and several other states, but eh… *staying silent and feeling a bit embarassed* Let’s say no more about my score: goodluck with yours!

2 thoughts on “Test your knowledge

  1. It’s more difficult then i would have guessed… But so much fun to do… And Google Maps is thankfully a great help, when i am completly lost 😛 Haha

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