(Book)mark that shop

‘Could you show me that book on the topshelf?’ ‘Are there any new arrivals?’ ‘I prefer the one on the left, that cover is much more expressive’. In the latest bookshop in New York, these comments won’t be heard. Today, the New York Times published about a brand new bookshop by Andrew Kessler. The bookshop is stashed with copies of one book. One book. Actually a book by mister Kessler himself. The book on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander Mission in 2008 needs to be sold, obviously, but there is more to it: “This makes books feel like an art installation, we should care about them”, says Kessler in the New York Times interview. The shop is even equiped with all regular bookshop things such as signs like Best Sellers or Sale, just brilliant. Going to New York anytime soon? Visit the Ed’s Martian Book at Hudson Street, also described as a Monobookist (gotta love that word)! And all others, you can read the interview by Elissa Gootman here.

photo by Guy Calaf for the New York Times

credits for these cool photos:
Rachel Kramer Bussel on lustylady.blogspot.com

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