Love is in the air (and on the map)

Don’t we all like the stories on how people met, where it was, etc etc. And definetely now: spring is in the air and on every street corner you see people falling in love. Or doing business, depending on the area of a city you’re in J. Anyway, today Tiffany & Co. launched a website about love where you can actually pinpoint your own love moment on a map. Focus is on New York, but the map covers all the United States. True, it is a bit hysterical, adding initials to the map with stuff like “Where I fell in Love with my one and only!!” and “Snuck out of work for ice cream and kisses!”. But hey, it’s American. And you can’t blame Tiffany & Co. for promoting romance. The more romantic everyone gets, the better it is for business! Pretty business, by the way…

Oh, and I really love this one:

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