OmnesViae, ‘Maps are Needed’

Bringing together two things I am fond of (thanks for the tip V.!), ancient history and maps, this must be fun. Check out the OmnesViae website where you can navigate your way around the Roman empire. Type in your destination and place of departure and get the shortest way there (Iter brevissimum). This is pretty cool! The map used to navigate on is the Tabula Peutingeriana, a medieval copy of a Roman map of around approximately 300 A.C. See  the empire gets real before your eyes. This reminds me of the computer game Caesar. Back then playing the game, it actually took me a few days to understand that my computer was shouting  ‘Plebs are needed’ all the time to save my city from burning or collapsing. I better stick to blogging about maps instead of building empires…
Very nice work creating this website, mister Voorburg!

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