Cartography in Modern Times

Well, we all know yesterday is history and tomorrow a mystery. But at the same time history is alive and kicking, and history of cartography also finds its way into modern communication. Nowadays, don’t be shocked if oldies like Johannes Tiberius Bodel Nijenhuis show up in your friends’ Facebook timeline. As explained on his profile, the goal of the profile for Johannes is the following: Mr. Johannes Tiberius Bodel Nijenhuis (1797-1872) bequeathed his collections of maps, atlases and topographical prints and drawings to Leiden University Library. This Facebook-page will be used to spread news about the Bodel Nijenhuis Collection and about the history of Dutch cartography. The page will be updated by Martijn Storms, curator of maps and atlases at Leiden University Library. Why wait? Become friends with him here.

The collection of Bodel Nijenhuis at the Leiden University Library is incredible: 300 atlases, 50.000 maps, 22.000 topographical drawings and prints and 15.500 portraits… And while you’re at it: check the exhibition that is on right now until the 27th of April in the Leiden University Library: Topographic Memory. Treasures from the collection of Dutch topography.

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