Game of Thrones S2 is coming….

I really can’t wait. Game of Thrones is about to kick off Season 2 on HBO. The first season got me hooked completely (as blogged earlier)…. For anyone who missed out on Season 1 (which I doubt) there is a great Viewer’s Guide where you can check all insides about the series (about main characters, about the different Houses that are involved in a quest for power, et cetera). The Viewer’s Guide existed already, but obviously got a lot more complete since my post last year. And lucky us: they also added an Places option in the Guide. So if you read about a city you want to know more of; you can now click the Place and get directed to it on the map. Yes. Yes. Yes! Legid reason to explore the map for a while: you need to be up to date when Season 2 commences in April. Off you go, click it!




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