Meshu Map Love

Amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this project. The geometrical shapes, the materials, and obviously the map that is the story behind the jewellery. We’re talking Meshu here.
Meshu is a project by Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx, who both are very creative and work in the field of data visualisation.  Meshu’s are all custom-made, 3D-printed or laser-cut and you can order earrings, necklaces or cufflinks. The geometrical shapes are based on locations on a map. You can either order a Meshu from the shop or create your own, based on your recent travels, or maybe consisting of your favourite spots in your hometown. With an ordered Meshu, you receive a postcard with the cartography of the design. This excites me so much, I might even stay in with this beautiful weather and create Meshu’s all day. Wow!







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