The Map Watch

@mapperz mentioned this map watch to me on Twitter: a great new initiative called Leikr (by a group of former Nokia engineers). So the Leikr team is into technology and creating new devices, and they happen to also be passionate about sports: running, biking, triathlons, etcetera. That is why they started to develop this watch: other GPS watches were simply not meeting their standards. Not easy to use, too big, screen too small, bad GPS signal, etcetera.

The Leikr watch has OpenStreetMap, a fast custom made GPS system and a screen that is big enough to see where you’re going. Plus, you can add training programmes and send your results directly to the cloud (no hassle with wires).

Great! Only thing is, the developing team from Denmark still needs funding. There is a Kickstarter funding website (were you can read the whole story, check out some videos and more images). Planning is for the watches to be ready in June 2013. So if you want to speed up the process, fund them.

map watch Leikr

Leikr watch in docking station

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