Underground Scene: Tube Maps

You can’t be surprised by my love of underground maps. Now look at this beauty:

Circular Tube Map © Maxwell J Roberts, 28/01/2003, all rights reserved © Maxwell J Roberts, 28/01/2003, all rights reserved (Click here for full size version)

Max Roberts, expert on underground maps, has designed this new way to look at the London tube map. The commonly used map of the London Underground is becoming even more cluttered, hence this new circular approach. But besides this intruiging map there is even more: Roberts wrote a terrific book about metro/underground/tube (whatever you like to call it) maps: ‘Underground Maps Unravelled’ and is doing a lecture on February 19th in the Design Museum! I quote from their website about the talk by Roberts: “Since 1999, Dr Maxwell Roberts has been working on an ongoing research project to understand transport schematics, their effective design and how to evaluate them using objective methodology. In this lecture he presents his comprehensive catalogue of visual experiments and discusses his findings.” Go, go, go!

cover Underground Maps Unravelled Maxwell J Roberts

Furthermore: the book is very detailed and the book design is incredibly fresh and suitable for the subject: various tube lines running over the corners of the pages. It’s on my wish list!

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