Very proud: book publication!

Tomorrow will be a big day for Maps and the City head quarters: I’ve contributed to a book that will be presented tomorrow! I am very grateful to the publisher -Maarten van Steenbergen of Lannoo publishers- and to the authors of the book -Reinder Storm and Marieke van Delft- for their invitation to be a co-writer on this publication project. For young researchers it means the world if you can join in projects like this one and get your work published.

There has been very hard work, long research and writing hours, and loads of energy and effort put in to this book. Marieke and Reinder have written the majority of the 100 map chapters, and Bram Vannieuwenhuyze, Huibert Crijns, Peter van der Krogt en I have written the rest. The book is published by Lannoo, you probably know them because of their other beautiful publications such as Atlas de Wit.

I am so very happy with the beautiful book that is the result. I will share more about the book after the publication tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek.

book cover Geschiedenis van Nederland in 100 oude kaarten

Details about the book for those of you ready to order 🙂
Title: De geschiedenis van Nederland in 100 oude kaarten
ISBN: 9789401459075
(the book is in Dutch)

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