A Millennium of Amsterdam

If you are interested in urban development, social history, transportation, maps or the city of Amsterdam (or maybe all of the above, like me), you will love A Millennium of Amsterdam. This beautiful book by publisher Thoth was high on my wish list and I have to say it did not dissapoint me one bit. The book covers the spatial history of this beautiful city in forty stories. The graphic design is beautiful (by Jos Stoopman/stoopmanvos) and the book is full of incredible photos and a lot of maps. The author Fred Feddes takes you on a city trip on every page, focussing on the landscape, the relation between land and water, landmarks in the city, cultural development and much more. How did the landscape now known as Amsterdam look before there was an Amsterdam? Why is the Jordaan so different from the ring canals? Is Central Station in the right place? Why did Amsterdam’s impressive planning machine grind to a halt around 1970, and what happened after that? Who owns Amsterdam, and, for that matter, how great is Amsterdam? The book takes you through time from the year 1000 to the present day. If you know Amsterdam this book is a great way to increase your knowledge on the city history, and if you haven’t visited Amsterdam yet, this book will make you plan a city trip immediately.

ISBN 978 90 6868 595 4
Price € 29,90

Map Ringing


Last year I blogged about a ring of the highway around Amsterdam. Two weeks ago  I found this jewel of a map ring of Amsterdam at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Map rings are hot! This ring is done by designer Jutta Regitz, her label is called Rille and consists of bags, pins and rings made from old school maps.


When you browse Pinterest with a specific word you find tons of nice examples. Turns out there is a whole lot of map rings out there (all rings below are found in this overview)!


The winners are….

We have a winner (well, two actually)! Maps and the City had the opportunity to give away a passe-partout to two lucky MATC-readers, for the cultural night festival Nuit Blanche Amsterdam.

Find yourself some warm clothes and don’t forget to bring a map of Amsterdam, because you are going on an urban expedition this Saturday: Sjoerd van Sprang and Rozan Dekker!
Please send me an email today, so Nuit Blanche Amsterdam can send you your passe-partout in time. Enjoy!

Win tickets for Nuit Blanche Amsterdam

Yes, a lot of the posts on this blog are about maps. But it is called Maps and the City for a reason: besides the obvious love for maps we also write about urban discoveries. This Saturday -June 16th- Amsterdam is the place to be for some proper urban updating. Nuit Blanche takes place, an annual nighttime festival about art and culture: your chance to ‘pull a cultural all-nighter’. From 7pm to 7am, you can join the ‘urban expedition’ to discover re-used empty office buildings, strange home collections and other hidden gems in the centre and eastern part of the city. Nuit Blanche was originally organised in Paris and nowadays cities worldwide picked up the concept. This is the third edition of Nuit Blanche Amsterdam, counting over 100 involved creatives. Impressive!

You can start your night with a Nuit Blanche dinner at Krux (Eastern part of Amsterdam) or Sea Palace (in the centre), and continue your expedition with dance, poetry, a Ramses Shaffy cover contest, street art, music and much, much more.  Check the programme on www.nuitblancheamsterdam.nl and do check the awesome trailer below. (Passepartout tickets are 17,50 euros, you can buy tickets online.)

Do you want to join the Nuit Blanche expedition on Saturday the 16th of June? Tell us why! Nuit Blanche has made 2 passe partouts available to give away to Maps and the City readers. Send an email to marleen [a] mapsandthecity.com or leave a comment on the Maps and the City Facebook page to win.  The two lucky winners will be announced on Thursday the 14th.