Money in the Bag

Cool, My Modern Metropolis posted about two world maps that were both created with currency: one with coins and one with paper. The blog made them fade in to each other, great idea!
The one with coins is done by design studio Bedow from Sweden, using the region’s native currencies for each continent.  The paper currency map is created by The310Investigator, who used photo manipulation to cut the different banknotes into the shape of countries. Great idea, both of them!


Bedow map world currencies


the310investigator map world currencies



LED me take you home

Useful, very useful idea I must say. Check out these shoes, designed by British designer Dominic Wilcox. They will get you home, no matter what. It works through an embedded GPS device in the heel and some flashy and very smart LED lights in the front part of the brogues design. Those lights will guide you home, check the video for an interview with Dominic on how it works.  LOVE THEM!

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

Details on the project:
No Place Like Home shoes by Dominic Wilcox
Technology developed by Becky Stewart
Leather shoes made by Stamp Shoes, Northampton
Film by Liam Saint-Pierre

Biggy Berlin

Our friends at Carticulate always share cool stuff like this project (they found through The Atlantic Cities, and what I in my turn am happy to share with you guys). In Berlin the 775th birthday of the city is celebrated with a huge map (2.500 meter, scale 1:775). The birthday present is created by eight artists and opens for the public on August 25th. Here is more information on the programme 775 years of Berlin (and where you can find this map on the map).


photo: Thomas Peter for Reuters

photo: Sean Gallup for Getty Images

Shapeshift Your Horizon

Are you ready to see the city from another angle? The project ‘Here & There‘ by BERG London is just what you need. By combining a viewpoint from the air plus one standing on the street, this gives you Manhattan in a totally new dimension. An impressive one, if you ask me. There were limited prints available for sale, when Here & There was presented in 2009. Since February 2012 Here & There is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.




Meshu Map Love

Amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this project. The geometrical shapes, the materials, and obviously the map that is the story behind the jewellery. We’re talking Meshu here.
Meshu is a project by Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx, who both are very creative and work in the field of data visualisation.  Meshu’s are all custom-made, 3D-printed or laser-cut and you can order earrings, necklaces or cufflinks. The geometrical shapes are based on locations on a map. You can either order a Meshu from the shop or create your own, based on your recent travels, or maybe consisting of your favourite spots in your hometown. With an ordered Meshu, you receive a postcard with the cartography of the design. This excites me so much, I might even stay in with this beautiful weather and create Meshu’s all day. Wow!







Mind the Map

Looking for a nice map exhibition and are you lucky and going to London soon? This expo is definetely worth checking out. Mind the Map is on show in the London Transport Museum. In the exhibition attention is drawn to the inspiration, history and creativity behind London transport maps. Existing of historic material in combination with new artworks by for example Simon Patterson, Stephen Walter, Susan Stockwell, Jeremy Wood, Claire Brewster, and Agnes Poitevin-Navarre. Mind the Map will be on show until October 2012.

I think the name itself is already brilliant, but am excited to see the exhibition. Do share your thoughts if you have seen it!

Win tickets for Nuit Blanche Amsterdam

Yes, a lot of the posts on this blog are about maps. But it is called Maps and the City for a reason: besides the obvious love for maps we also write about urban discoveries. This Saturday -June 16th- Amsterdam is the place to be for some proper urban updating. Nuit Blanche takes place, an annual nighttime festival about art and culture: your chance to ‘pull a cultural all-nighter’. From 7pm to 7am, you can join the ‘urban expedition’ to discover re-used empty office buildings, strange home collections and other hidden gems in the centre and eastern part of the city. Nuit Blanche was originally organised in Paris and nowadays cities worldwide picked up the concept. This is the third edition of Nuit Blanche Amsterdam, counting over 100 involved creatives. Impressive!

You can start your night with a Nuit Blanche dinner at Krux (Eastern part of Amsterdam) or Sea Palace (in the centre), and continue your expedition with dance, poetry, a Ramses Shaffy cover contest, street art, music and much, much more.  Check the programme on and do check the awesome trailer below. (Passepartout tickets are 17,50 euros, you can buy tickets online.)

Do you want to join the Nuit Blanche expedition on Saturday the 16th of June? Tell us why! Nuit Blanche has made 2 passe partouts available to give away to Maps and the City readers. Send an email to marleen [a] or leave a comment on the Maps and the City Facebook page to win.  The two lucky winners will be announced on Thursday the 14th. 


Project Map: Pinpoint the City Centre

The project ‘Map’ is a public space installation by Aram Bartholl. Everyone recognizes the red pin used on Google Maps to pinpoint locations. Google Maps determines where the centre of a city is, and this is exactly the spot where the pin is placed in this project. The installation questions the relation of the digital information space to every day life public city space, since geolocation services keep influencing the perception of cities and places more and more. The installation has been on show in various festivals in for example Arles, Taipei and Berlin.





These photos are taken in Arles and are from the website of Aram, photographer: Anne Foures.

Mappa Mundi 2.0

When we talk maps, there is always the perception issue: who determines what is on a map and what is not? Well, here we have a map project focusing on precisely that. These maps by Carlos Romo Melgar from Madrid are an automapping project: cartography of someone’s personal world. You will immediately see the ressemblance with a medieval Mappa Mundi. Only in these Cosmographies it is not a monk reflecting on the world, but a metropolitan.

As Carlos puts it: “Nowadays we are surrounded by maps (exact and geographical maps), which sometimes have informations we don’t really need to get guided through a city. Cosmographies are a sort of record or archive of personal facts and experiences. The center of that cosmos is the person who looks around himself, and represents what he sees, through his past experiences. I find that is a different way to approach to a city, by the irrelevant opinions instead of the stablished facts from an authority.”

Check his website, you can also buy the Cosmographies there (contact Carlos through e-mail). To top it off, he even makes tailor made maps, to make sure the cosmography reflects your own experiences in a city. Carlos: “I usually talk to the client, and ask for their experiences. From several interviews I get the facts which I represent on the maps.” Well, tailor made or not, looking at these makes me want to go back to Madrid instantly. What a great way to portray a city!
detail of his Mappa Mundi