Atlas de Wit

Have you seen the beautiful recent Atlas De Wit publication yet? This book should definitely be on the wishlist of map lovers. The Atlas De Wit is a historical atlas with 158 city plans and bird’s eye views of towns in the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the seventeenth century, by cartographer Frederick de Wit. The fascimile offers you the opportunity to wander through Dutch (and Belgian) cities: take a step back on these gorgeous handcoloured maps and get lost in the 17th century. The atlas was presented with the tagline ‘Discover the Google Earth of the Golden Age’, a smart move.

Atlas de Wit
M. van Delft & Peter Van Der Krogt
€ 119 (introduction: € 99 until 31/12/12)
ISBN 978 94 014 0189 0
Issued in three languages: Dutch, French, English

About the Atlas (in Dutch):

Woodcut Map Coolness

It is absolutely great that people share stuff with Maps and the City (thanks for this one Tomislav)! Check out these woodcut maps. Based on a specific location, you can order a woodcut map of a place of importance to you. Frame a composition around any special spot in the world, choose from the various exotic hardwood veneers, and preview your design instantly. Each map has a unique pattern of wood grain. It takes a few weeks but then you receive a hand-crafted wood-inlay map of your own design. Worth the wait I would say.

A Millennium of Amsterdam

If you are interested in urban development, social history, transportation, maps or the city of Amsterdam (or maybe all of the above, like me), you will love A Millennium of Amsterdam. This beautiful book by publisher Thoth was high on my wish list and I have to say it did not dissapoint me one bit. The book covers the spatial history of this beautiful city in forty stories. The graphic design is beautiful (by Jos Stoopman/stoopmanvos) and the book is full of incredible photos and a lot of maps. The author Fred Feddes takes you on a city trip on every page, focussing on the landscape, the relation between land and water, landmarks in the city, cultural development and much more. How did the landscape now known as Amsterdam look before there was an Amsterdam? Why is the Jordaan so different from the ring canals? Is Central Station in the right place? Why did Amsterdam’s impressive planning machine grind to a halt around 1970, and what happened after that? Who owns Amsterdam, and, for that matter, how great is Amsterdam? The book takes you through time from the year 1000 to the present day. If you know Amsterdam this book is a great way to increase your knowledge on the city history, and if you haven’t visited Amsterdam yet, this book will make you plan a city trip immediately.

ISBN 978 90 6868 595 4
Price € 29,90

Map Ringing


Last year I blogged about a ring of the highway around Amsterdam. Two weeks ago  I found this jewel of a map ring of Amsterdam at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Map rings are hot! This ring is done by designer Jutta Regitz, her label is called Rille and consists of bags, pins and rings made from old school maps.


When you browse Pinterest with a specific word you find tons of nice examples. Turns out there is a whole lot of map rings out there (all rings below are found in this overview)!


Amazing TED Talk on Maps

Yes, we do love TED for their motto ‘ideas worth spreading’. Thanks W-J for sharing this TEDxDublin talk with me on the Facebook page of Maps and the City! Spreading this idea definitely worked out well.

This talk by Aris Venetikidis was part of TEDxDublin in September 2012 and it is on maps and how our brain orders information when we discover a new city. He speaks from his own experience when migrating to Dublin, but his talk makes it very easy to relate to. I can eloborate on all the funny things he says, the great maps he designed to map public transport, but I won’t. Just watch the TED Talk when you find a spare fifteen minutes. It’s inspiring!


Biggy Berlin

Our friends at Carticulate always share cool stuff like this project (they found through The Atlantic Cities, and what I in my turn am happy to share with you guys). In Berlin the 775th birthday of the city is celebrated with a huge map (2.500 meter, scale 1:775). The birthday present is created by eight artists and opens for the public on August 25th. Here is more information on the programme 775 years of Berlin (and where you can find this map on the map).


photo: Thomas Peter for Reuters

photo: Sean Gallup for Getty Images

Mappy Alphabet

I love all the new ways you can easily discover map art work and gadgets, such as Pinterest. I found this Underground Alphabet there, the source I could track it down to is the Tumblr page This isn’t Happiness. And what are the odds, it turned out to be mentioned on Brainpickings, one of my favourite blogs. The artist is London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock.


Shapeshift Your Horizon

Are you ready to see the city from another angle? The project ‘Here & There‘ by BERG London is just what you need. By combining a viewpoint from the air plus one standing on the street, this gives you Manhattan in a totally new dimension. An impressive one, if you ask me. There were limited prints available for sale, when Here & There was presented in 2009. Since February 2012 Here & There is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.




Meshu Map Love

Amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this project. The geometrical shapes, the materials, and obviously the map that is the story behind the jewellery. We’re talking Meshu here.
Meshu is a project by Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx, who both are very creative and work in the field of data visualisation.  Meshu’s are all custom-made, 3D-printed or laser-cut and you can order earrings, necklaces or cufflinks. The geometrical shapes are based on locations on a map. You can either order a Meshu from the shop or create your own, based on your recent travels, or maybe consisting of your favourite spots in your hometown. With an ordered Meshu, you receive a postcard with the cartography of the design. This excites me so much, I might even stay in with this beautiful weather and create Meshu’s all day. Wow!