Mappy Valentines Day! Do you happen to be searching for the love of your life in London? This Lovemap shows where London’s most active singles are, revealing London Bridge, Bank and Oxford Circus as some of the best places to find love in London.

Some fun facts about the Lovemap:
– The top five London love spots are: London Bridge, Bank, Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus and St. Paul’s
– There’s the least chance of finding love in All Saints, Mudchute, Rectory Road, South Bermondsey or Kilburn High Road
– The Lovemap can be accessed on your mobile phone (“so singles can plan a night out on the go, based on where they’re most likely to find love”, for the pragmatic approach!)
– If you’re looking for a last-minute Valentine you can get involved by tweeting hashtag #LondonLoveMap and your location
– This Lovemap is an initiative by online dating site Lovestruck, and mobile agency Fetch.

Feel the love! (And even better: find it)

London Love Map

KLM Must See Map

I already know KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is pretty, pretty good in creating extra value for their customers. The social media activities of KLM are always spot-on. But this one is my favourite by far: the KLM Must See Map. This social media campaign enables travellers to create a city map that is customized with tips and suggestions from their friends. Ask your friends about the best restaurants and hotspots and receive your own high-quality printed city map at home. (Allow three weeks for delivery.) Oh, and it’s for free! From KLM (with some help of your friends) to you. Check it out!

MATC loves TimCity

While having a coffee at KOKO Coffee & Design in Amsterdam (great spot because of the way the place looks plus: the coffee is amazing), I noticed these T-shirts and shoppers with city maps. Designer René Tim is fascinated by cities and wanted to capture the energy of the city in these designs. The result is called TIMcity. High-quality T-shirts and shoppers with Paris, New York City, Barcelona or Amsterdam: a clean map lay out, soft materials. G-R-E-A-T! (you can buy them online and at various hotspots).

Photos from the TIMcity website and the nice blog www.sienapon.nl.

Citybooks: Bookmark that one!

This is a pretty cool international project: citybooks is all about stories on cities (you probably guessed that one already…). At citybooks they offer you free downloadable literary podcasts, e-books, and webtexts in English, French and Dutch. About? About interesting European cities like Graz, Chartres, Tbilisi, Utrecht, Charleroi, Oostende and Skopje. Cities you might know already but also cities you have absolutely no idea about.

The initiative for citybooks comes from the Flemish Dutch House deBuren. International authors and photographers are invited to particpate in a two week residency with one of the local partner organisations in European cities. The resulting citybook (stories, essays or poems) can be read, listened to and downloaded for free on the website of citybooks. The podcasts are also available via iTunes. For each city a photographer makes a series of 24 photographs, and a City One Minute video project gets made. Sounds mindblowing? It actually is! The 30 minute stories make you wander off, and the photos and the clean and modern website make you want to go travel to those unknown cities immediately.  Plus, I like their map design very much!


Map Citybooks

Biggy Berlin

Our friends at Carticulate always share cool stuff like this project (they found through The Atlantic Cities, and what I in my turn am happy to share with you guys). In Berlin the 775th birthday of the city is celebrated with a huge map (2.500 meter, scale 1:775). The birthday present is created by eight artists and opens for the public on August 25th. Here is more information on the programme 775 years of Berlin (and where you can find this map on the map).


photo: Thomas Peter for Reuters

photo: Sean Gallup for Getty Images

Mind the Map

Looking for a nice map exhibition and are you lucky and going to London soon? This expo is definetely worth checking out. Mind the Map is on show in the London Transport Museum. In the exhibition attention is drawn to the inspiration, history and creativity behind London transport maps. Existing of historic material in combination with new artworks by for example Simon Patterson, Stephen Walter, Susan Stockwell, Jeremy Wood, Claire Brewster, and Agnes Poitevin-Navarre. Mind the Map will be on show until October 2012.

I think the name itself is already brilliant, but am excited to see the exhibition. Do share your thoughts if you have seen it!

Mappa Mundi 2.0

When we talk maps, there is always the perception issue: who determines what is on a map and what is not? Well, here we have a map project focusing on precisely that. These maps by Carlos Romo Melgar from Madrid are an automapping project: cartography of someone’s personal world. You will immediately see the ressemblance with a medieval Mappa Mundi. Only in these Cosmographies it is not a monk reflecting on the world, but a metropolitan.

As Carlos puts it: “Nowadays we are surrounded by maps (exact and geographical maps), which sometimes have informations we don’t really need to get guided through a city. Cosmographies are a sort of record or archive of personal facts and experiences. The center of that cosmos is the person who looks around himself, and represents what he sees, through his past experiences. I find that is a different way to approach to a city, by the irrelevant opinions instead of the stablished facts from an authority.”

Check his website, you can also buy the Cosmographies there (contact Carlos through e-mail). To top it off, he even makes tailor made maps, to make sure the cosmography reflects your own experiences in a city. Carlos: “I usually talk to the client, and ask for their experiences. From several interviews I get the facts which I represent on the maps.” Well, tailor made or not, looking at these makes me want to go back to Madrid instantly. What a great way to portray a city!
detail of his Mappa Mundi

That’s one mighty wallet!

Well, I am one lucky map girl. It’s one thing people remember I actually like maps… But it gets even better when’s someone brings you a souvenir from New York and it looks like this… Thanks R.! J

This is incredible, because a) yes, it’s a map! b) it’s a wallet c) it’s made from strong microfiber material that is 100% recyclable. The Mightywallet has 2 large pockets for cash and receipts, 2 credit card pockets and 2 ‘quick access business card pockets’. I like that, because in NYC eco-friendly is sooooo business.