Game of Thrones Map (part 3)

Game of Thrones is starting its third season: as you know by my earlier posts I am a fan. Not only because the serie is very cool itself, but also because of the maps that are involved. Now, you catch up on your Game of Thrones knowledge with a very cool

(Be careful: spoiler alert if you still have catching up to do! Well, that makes sense, but still wanted to mention it). Journey through each season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones with this interactive roadmap of Westeros. Check back every week through the new season to scroll through episode plot points as the story unfolds… And it gives you an idea of the geography of the series also. Cool stuff!
(I am only showing tiny bits of the infographic here, visit the website and scroll through to get the real deal :).)

The Kings Roadmap

The Kings Roadmap

The Kings Roadmap

Game of Thrones S2 is coming….

I really can’t wait. Game of Thrones is about to kick off Season 2 on HBO. The first season got me hooked completely (as blogged earlier)…. For anyone who missed out on Season 1 (which I doubt) there is a great Viewer’s Guide where you can check all insides about the series (about main characters, about the different Houses that are involved in a quest for power, et cetera). The Viewer’s Guide existed already, but obviously got a lot more complete since my post last year. And lucky us: they also added an Places option in the Guide. So if you read about a city you want to know more of; you can now click the Place and get directed to it on the map. Yes. Yes. Yes! Legid reason to explore the map for a while: you need to be up to date when Season 2 commences in April. Off you go, click it!




Game of Thrones

I have a new addiction, and it’s called Game of Thrones. This HBO series is about the Seven Kingdoms, and is filled with knights, dragons and a lot of intrigues and political tension. I am not going to spoil the excitement of watching it by telling you secrets about the Iron Throne, about the town of Winterfell or about the interesting contacts between Cersei and Jaime… But I will tell you about the fact that Game of Thrones is beautifully made, that the music is amazing and also that the introduction shows a nice 3D map. Cool! Very cool indeed. And then there is the Viewers Guide website, which is nicely done. Overviews of all the Houses, and again: maps! Check it out here, before winter comes….