Georeferenced Atlas der Neederlanden

As you may know, I work at the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam, and I was lucky to get involved with a project called ‘Atlas der Neederlanden’. This atlas is in fact an impressive factice atlas from the collection (nine folios with maps of the Netherlands from several centuries up until approximately 1816, when the Kingdom of the Netherlands was shaped). The maps in the Atlas were restored and they are now on show in an fantastic exhibition, until 9 February 2014. (OK, I’ll stop promoting now).

With this project I also got into georeferencing a little: still quite a new field for me but this website by UvA-researcher Jan Hartmann gives a great idea of the possibilities. The technique behind this website is really far ahead. On the left, you can browse through all the maps in the nine folios of the Atlas der Neederlanden, and on the right you can project the map onto various maps of the Netherlands as we know the country today. You can easily zoom in and out of the various maps on a very high speed. Great way to see how accurate the maps in the Atlas are, or to see how they are oriented. Or: just to marvel at the beauty of these old maps, because they are incredibly pretty.




Tour de France Map

Maps.. Tour de France. Is there a connection? Yes there is: both excite me! Every summer offers me the only sport I really like to watch on television, in a three week long festivity called Tour de France. This year stages the 100th edition of the TDF, and see what I’ve found: this overview of all 100 routes in the Tour. Yeah! Designer Sam Potts created ‘100 Tours: Cent Ans de la Grande Boucle’. Make sure to check his website for more cool designs and the option to see details and buy this 100 Tours poster. You can pre-order and the posters will be printed after finishing this Tour (when the top three is known. Go Mollema, go Mollema!)

100 Tours de France: Sam Potts

Game of Thrones Map (part 3)

Game of Thrones is starting its third season: as you know by my earlier posts I am a fan. Not only because the serie is very cool itself, but also because of the maps that are involved. Now, you catch up on your Game of Thrones knowledge with a very cool

(Be careful: spoiler alert if you still have catching up to do! Well, that makes sense, but still wanted to mention it). Journey through each season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones with this interactive roadmap of Westeros. Check back every week through the new season to scroll through episode plot points as the story unfolds… And it gives you an idea of the geography of the series also. Cool stuff!
(I am only showing tiny bits of the infographic here, visit the website and scroll through to get the real deal :).)

The Kings Roadmap

The Kings Roadmap

The Kings Roadmap