Literature & Maps Combined: Readable Amsterdam

One of the latest additions to my map collection at home: this Leesbaar Amsterdam map of Amsterdam. Created by Yolanda Huntelaar, Louis Stiller and Erik Nieuwenhuis, this map guides you through the city through quotes from literature, poems and songs. It’s cleverly designed showing you streets, water, parks etc filled up with quotes that actually match the location on the map perfectly. It is possible to wander through literature by simply looking at the map. Or, to stroll down the streets of your city and learn more about authors or singers with a strong connection to your own neighbourhood.


Leesbaar Amsterdam detail-MATC

And after the big success of the literary map of Amsterdam, the map of Bergen will be presented this weekend. Bergen is a small town in the Netherlands with a very rich local history filled with authors and poets. So, if you like literature and maps, this might be a perfect gift for you. Best to be combined with a trip to Amsterdam and/or Bergen of course, so this could be your perfect excuse for a city trip! You’re welcome.


Citybooks: Bookmark that one!

This is a pretty cool international project: citybooks is all about stories on cities (you probably guessed that one already…). At citybooks they offer you free downloadable literary podcasts, e-books, and webtexts in English, French and Dutch. About? About interesting European cities like Graz, Chartres, Tbilisi, Utrecht, Charleroi, Oostende and Skopje. Cities you might know already but also cities you have absolutely no idea about.

The initiative for citybooks comes from the Flemish Dutch House deBuren. International authors and photographers are invited to particpate in a two week residency with one of the local partner organisations in European cities. The resulting citybook (stories, essays or poems) can be read, listened to and downloaded for free on the website of citybooks. The podcasts are also available via iTunes. For each city a photographer makes a series of 24 photographs, and a City One Minute video project gets made. Sounds mindblowing? It actually is! The 30 minute stories make you wander off, and the photos and the clean and modern website make you want to go travel to those unknown cities immediately.  Plus, I like their map design very much!


Map Citybooks