Maps + Typography = Double Joy

Some things just don’t need much of an introduction. Check out Mala: a typeface family that is dedicated to cartography. It’s created by Barbara Bigosińska who says: ‘My goal was to break a bit the boredom in cartography which is nowadays mostly computer-generated and thought a bit of human touch would do some good.’ She succeeded if you ask me: great variations in this one typeface family.

Mala Typeface

Mala Typeface

Mala typeface

London Subway by Susan Stockwell

Lazy sundays are perfect to flip through my collection of map books. The Map as Art is one of my favourites (and was the first gift my boyfriend ever gave me. Good thinking of the guy!). This piece by Susan Stockwell is also in it: a London Subway map of red cotton that is stitched on calligraphy rice paper. Make sure to check out her website because she creates awesome art work. Happy sunday!

Susan Stockwell London Subway 2007 MATC

London Subway by Susan Stockwell, 2007


Mappy Valentines Day! Do you happen to be searching for the love of your life in London? This Lovemap shows where London’s most active singles are, revealing London Bridge, Bank and Oxford Circus as some of the best places to find love in London.

Some fun facts about the Lovemap:
– The top five London love spots are: London Bridge, Bank, Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus and St. Paul’s
– There’s the least chance of finding love in All Saints, Mudchute, Rectory Road, South Bermondsey or Kilburn High Road
– The Lovemap can be accessed on your mobile phone (“so singles can plan a night out on the go, based on where they’re most likely to find love”, for the pragmatic approach!)
– If you’re looking for a last-minute Valentine you can get involved by tweeting hashtag #LondonLoveMap and your location
– This Lovemap is an initiative by online dating site Lovestruck, and mobile agency Fetch.

Feel the love! (And even better: find it)

London Love Map

Couch Material: Soft Cities

Thanks for your topic suggestion Jeroen! These map blankets are great. Especially since it started snowing again here in Amsterdam! Oh well. It is not that bad if you cuddle up under one of these blankets and wait for spring to arrive…

Soft Cities is a San Francisco-based company that sells blankets and napkins featuring a map of your favorite location. You can pick the location yourself, Soft Cities makes the map using open source data provided by Open Street Map (Soft Cities collaborates with Stamen Design,, and Cloudmade, under the creative commons license SA-by-SA).
Oh and as said, they also do ‘ mapkins’. Love it!

Soft Cities newlyweds

SoftCities blanket water colour

SoftCities blanket2

Atlas de Wit

Have you seen the beautiful recent Atlas De Wit publication yet? This book should definitely be on the wishlist of map lovers. The Atlas De Wit is a historical atlas with 158 city plans and bird’s eye views of towns in the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the seventeenth century, by cartographer Frederick de Wit. The fascimile offers you the opportunity to wander through Dutch (and Belgian) cities: take a step back on these gorgeous handcoloured maps and get lost in the 17th century. The atlas was presented with the tagline ‘Discover the Google Earth of the Golden Age’, a smart move.

Atlas de Wit
M. van Delft & Peter Van Der Krogt
€ 119 (introduction: € 99 until 31/12/12)
ISBN 978 94 014 0189 0
Issued in three languages: Dutch, French, English

About the Atlas (in Dutch):

Woodcut Map Coolness

It is absolutely great that people share stuff with Maps and the City (thanks for this one Tomislav)! Check out these woodcut maps. Based on a specific location, you can order a woodcut map of a place of importance to you. Frame a composition around any special spot in the world, choose from the various exotic hardwood veneers, and preview your design instantly. Each map has a unique pattern of wood grain. It takes a few weeks but then you receive a hand-crafted wood-inlay map of your own design. Worth the wait I would say.