Smooth Operator Mapstyle

If you ask me, Fashion & Maps are a great match. Another (actually quite tight) example is this collection of Black Milk Clothing. They have all kinds of cool prints but this one is obviously my favourite. I like the leggings most! Great description in the webshop: “I designed these leggings after getting a lot of complaints from girls that they didn’t have any clothes that would allow them to relate to pirates and other mariners from the 17th century – in the event that they were accidentally transported back in time. So I made these. Now all is well.” (Oh and they have free shipping throughout November, hooray!).

Map Ringing


Last year I blogged about a ring of the highway around Amsterdam. Two weeks ago  I found this jewel of a map ring of Amsterdam at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Map rings are hot! This ring is done by designer Jutta Regitz, her label is called Rille and consists of bags, pins and rings made from old school maps.


When you browse Pinterest with a specific word you find tons of nice examples. Turns out there is a whole lot of map rings out there (all rings below are found in this overview)!


Issey Miyake goes Maps

Yes, this is beautiful. Issey Miyake gives us… the World Map Series. Design is done by artist Julie Marabelle (whom you might know from design brand Famille Summerbelle) and the World Map Series is part of the collection Pleats Please Issey Miyake. The key item in the collection is a dress with the beautiful map print and in addition you can buy cushions and other items. Looooooooooove it!



Hit the Road Jacket

When I spotted this jacket a few weeks ago I immediately bought it online, and luckily it could be shipped from the US to the Netherlands within a few weeks. I was quite pleased with myself for buying a practical -because rain and windproof- jacket, something I wouldn’t really consider without the nice world map print (although Dutch summers do call for a decent rain jacket). So, when we decided to visit the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime museum) in Amsterdam on this rainy Sunday, of course I put on my new jacket. Happy mapping in the rain!



photography by Roderick Buijs

Map Diary

Sometimes there are just so many nice map inspired things around. Once you start noticing, you’ll see maps all over the place. So today I decided to share some of those random things with you. Sort of a diary: here is my week in maps!

Table design in the daily live show NOS Sportzomer London Late Night about the Olympics


Poster for the classical music festival Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, it feels mappy

Pillow in the new 2012 collection of IKEA


Great stereotype map a friend shared with me, does anyone know the map maker/context?

Jacket I spotted in Amsterdam, stay tuned because obviously I fell in love…

Love is in the air (and on the map)

Don’t we all like the stories on how people met, where it was, etc etc. And definetely now: spring is in the air and on every street corner you see people falling in love. Or doing business, depending on the area of a city you’re in J. Anyway, today Tiffany & Co. launched a website about love where you can actually pinpoint your own love moment on a map. Focus is on New York, but the map covers all the United States. True, it is a bit hysterical, adding initials to the map with stuff like “Where I fell in Love with my one and only!!” and “Snuck out of work for ice cream and kisses!”. But hey, it’s American. And you can’t blame Tiffany & Co. for promoting romance. The more romantic everyone gets, the better it is for business! Pretty business, by the way…

Oh, and I really love this one: