Map of Amsterdam Museums

Well, here is a nice mash-up: see my personal interest meeting my job. Quite a nice map for a cartogeek who works in the museum industry in Amsterdam. published this metro style map of museums in Amsterdam. As you can see on the central line, the Allard Pierson Museum is on it. In the next edition they should add the Special Collections right next to it (especially because of the huge map collection there 🙂 ).


Map Cover Up

We all know the cover plays an important role for book sales. Well… you can guess why I would grab this one immediately (love the design by studio Dog and Pony from Amsterdam)! The book Naar de Stad is an anthology by Annelies Verbeke and Sanneke van Hassel. The subject also makes this book very suitable for Maps and the City, because all contemporary and international stories in it are about personal lives, adventures, encounters and/or dramas in the city. For all Dutchies: you can find it here.