Charming Erosion

This sink by a studio called Gore Design Co., is definitely on my For the Home wishlist. Gore Design Co. specializes in -I quote from their website– “custom concrete surfaces and interiors. Countertops, sinks, furniture, architectural elements – all handcrafted using pioneering eco-friendly techniques.” An Erosion Sink is completely custom made: the position of the drain, the pattern of the erosion: everything is decided on together with the client.  I like the natural feel this design gives to a home! Suggestion for the studio to increase the feeling of exclusivity even more, is an erosion map as a personal gift for the client: a cartographer could map the one of a kind sink!



Photos from Gore Design Co. website


Gone with the Wind


Geography rocks. On this website you can see wind flowing over the United States. Click on the map above to go to the website and see the current currents, pretty impressive! Live nature entertainment. The gallery is almost poetically called Snapshots of Winds Past, those images almost look like pieces of leather.

Brilliant Atlas Cutouts

Luckily, my friends stay on the look out for cool map stuff also. I received a suggestion to blog about these atlas cutouts (Thanks A!). I think these art works are amazing: incredibly detailed and rather enchanting if you ask me. The cutouts are made by Claire Brewster, an artist from from Lincolnshire who lives in London. Brewster creates cutouts from old and neglected maps and she focuses on the presence of nature, even in urban areas. The cutouts form installations, either pinned to the wall or captured in box frames. The flora and fauna in Brewster’s work give a feeling of movement, because of  the shadows of the cutouts when a light shines on them. Impressive map art!

It’s a….Vulcano. Really?

Maria Popova, aka @Brainpicker, once again has drawn my attention to an amazing map. Check these geological maps of vulcanoes. The colours of the map represent the different ages of rock units. Safe to say, the result is a stunning image. I’m impressed by (the force of) nature.. Here you see the Nasu vulcano (click on the map to see more on