Wishlist material: CityWood

Maps in your living room. There are various options when it comes to home decoration with maps. But this new one I like a lot: CityWood launched a Kickstarter campaign just a few weeks ago and they already reached their goal easily, multiple times even! Their maps show cities with their streets and water networks: all 3D printed in plywood. They are handfinished with a varnish, showing off the lasercut layers in a very pretty way.
Thanks for making my wish list of map-things grow even further ArchDaily :).

Underground New York Library

This is a brilliant project by photographer Ourit Ben-Haim. In this project Bem-Haim makes photos of people on the New York Underground reading books: the ‘Reading-Riders’ look happier than the ones travelling without the company of a book. You should actually check the project on the website itself, since the lay out is awesome. Here are just some screenshots from the website: the background makes me happy, obviously.