Map Ringing


Last year I blogged about a ring of the highway around Amsterdam. Two weeks ago  I found this jewel of a map ring of Amsterdam at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Map rings are hot! This ring is done by designer Jutta Regitz, her label is called Rille and consists of bags, pins and rings made from old school maps.


When you browse Pinterest with a specific word you find tons of nice examples. Turns out there is a whole lot of map rings out there (all rings below are found in this overview)!


Meshu Map Love

Amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love this project. The geometrical shapes, the materials, and obviously the map that is the story behind the jewellery. We’re talking Meshu here.
Meshu is a project by Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx, who both are very creative and work in the field of data visualisation.  Meshu’s are all custom-made, 3D-printed or laser-cut and you can order earrings, necklaces or cufflinks. The geometrical shapes are based on locations on a map. You can either order a Meshu from the shop or create your own, based on your recent travels, or maybe consisting of your favourite spots in your hometown. With an ordered Meshu, you receive a postcard with the cartography of the design. This excites me so much, I might even stay in with this beautiful weather and create Meshu’s all day. Wow!







A Page Filled with I-want-them-all Map Prints

So, I stumbled upon this map on Pinterest, a cool Mondrian style world map. It was posted on a blog called College Life DIY by Vanessa. And I am so happy she did because it let me to the site of ArtPause. It just won’t get much better than this site… Jawdropping map designs all over the place. Yay! I will only post two here, please go their Etsy site to see all of there amazing prints.

Patriotic Phase: Holland Vase

We all know the Netherlands are famous for tulips, but the country actually also has a strong design flow going on. Yes, there is way more to that little country than just tulips, wooden shoes and drugs policy.  Dutch design rocks! So, check out this cool object in which design & the tulip stuff come together. Sander Alblas is the designer of the Holland Vase for Royal Goedewaagen, a traditional ceramic company based in the Netherlands. The vase is meant for tulips and available in several colours. For € 99,- it’s yours!

That’s one mighty wallet!

Well, I am one lucky map girl. It’s one thing people remember I actually like maps… But it gets even better when’s someone brings you a souvenir from New York and it looks like this… Thanks R.! J

This is incredible, because a) yes, it’s a map! b) it’s a wallet c) it’s made from strong microfiber material that is 100% recyclable. The Mightywallet has 2 large pockets for cash and receipts, 2 credit card pockets and 2 ‘quick access business card pockets’. I like that, because in NYC eco-friendly is sooooo business.

In the Pocket!

A few reasons why I think these Crumpled City Maps are just absolutely brilliant:

  1. Duh, we’re talking maps here.
  2. You can just cram them into your pocket.
  3. There are versions of various cool cities like New York, Amsterdam, Berlin & Sydney.
  4. You can compose your own Collection Box of 5 cities to start with.
  5. The design and the fresh colours of the whole thing are just amazing!
  6. The material is waterproof, so the maps can probably endure more rain on your city trip than you can.
  7. You can buy the maps online.

Gotta love them. Emanuele Pizzolorusso did a very, very good job designing these!