Map Fun with Niemann

You might already know some illustrations by Christoph Niemann: he also did this great stereotype map I’ve shown earlier this year. Niemann’s great illustrations have appeared on covers of The New Yorker, Time, Wired, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration, and he has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and The Lead Awards. Yesterday a friend of mine pointed me at these funny Google-esque maps. You should actually see them all (because almost every single one cracked me up). Abduzeedoo created a nice overview, so make sure to check them all out.

Map by Christoph Niemann MATC

Maps by Christoph Niemann MATC

Maps by Christoph Niemann MATC

Maps by Christoph Niemann MATC

uselessstereotypes-ChristophNiemann MATC

Map Diary

Sometimes there are just so many nice map inspired things around. Once you start noticing, you’ll see maps all over the place. So today I decided to share some of those random things with you. Sort of a diary: here is my week in maps!

Table design in the daily live show NOS Sportzomer London Late Night about the Olympics


Poster for the classical music festival Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, it feels mappy

Pillow in the new 2012 collection of IKEA


Great stereotype map a friend shared with me, does anyone know the map maker/context?

Jacket I spotted in Amsterdam, stay tuned because obviously I fell in love…

Alphadesigner strikes again!

Alphadesigner is a name you’ve probably seen earlier when it comes to map fun. Alphadesigner (Yanko Tsvetkov) creates maps with subjects like ‘Europe according to Americans’, ‘Europe according to the French’, etcetera. (Actually, this blogpost in 2011 about his maps is one of the best read on Maps and the City.) And now he gives us ‘Europe according to the Future’. See what insights in near European future Alphadesigner offers you. Oh, and click on the map to go to his blog and read the accompanying story.

Another Stereotype Map

Stereotype maps are a hit: my earlier post about the funny maps by alphadesigner is one of the best read posts so far on this blog. And now I found a new one, thanks to the blog of Simon Turner. Check this one (The World Map of Useless Stereotypes by Christoph Niemann) out and laugh out loud. That’s a healthy habit, you know.

Stereotype, anyone?

One of my favourite examples of the power of maps is the Mapping Stereotypes project of Yanko Tsvetkov (aka alphadesigner). A few months ago I saw a map with Europe according to Americans. Hilarious stereotypes fill up the continent, telling us that for Americans, Spain is something like Mexico, and in France just lives a bunch of Smelly People.Everything east of Dirty Porn (that would be Germany) is a buffer zone and further east one can find a huge amount of Commies.

Alphadesigner made several maps (and is still growing strong) with for example Europe as seen by the French or the Germans, but also as seen by the Vatican. Every map contains funny elements for everyone looking at it, regardless which country or continent you’re from. There is always something to laugh about; obviously not too loud about your own country. Oh well, I must admit a chuckle and grin about the comment ‘Oh dear’ for the Netherlands according to the Vatican…

The good news is that the Bulgarian visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator isn’t done mapping yet: he also creates views on the world, or for example South America. Hope to see more of it!

Check out all his work and some cool merchandise such as T-shirts on his website. Dutchies might also have seen his work in a nice article in the newspaper (October 11, 2010). Oh, and you can also find him (& Maps and the City!) on good ol’  Twitter: @alphadesigner and @MapsandtheCity.