Map of Amsterdam Museums

Well, here is a nice mash-up: see my personal interest meeting my job. Quite a nice map for a cartogeek who works in the museum industry in Amsterdam. published this metro style map of museums in Amsterdam. As you can see on the central line, the Allard Pierson Museum is on it. In the next edition they should add the Special Collections right next to it (especially because of the huge map collection there ūüôā ).


Tube Lines Luggage Racks

The London Transport Museum has been busy celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. They’ve now launched this great range of coloured luggage racks. The luggage racks come from the decommissioned Metropolitan line Tube trains, were cleaned and powder-coated in colours based on the twelve metro lines of the London Underground. Oh oh, they do international shipping…


London Transport Museum photo on their Facebookpage

London Transport Museum rack

The colours in the range:
Blue – Piccadilly Line
Sky Blue – Victoria Line
Mint Green – Waterloo & City Line
Red – Central Line
Orange – Overground
Yellow – Circle Line
Pink – Hammersmith & City Line
Purple – Metropolitan
Green – District Line
Grey – Jubilee Line
Black – Northern Line
Bronze – Bakerloo Line
Gold – to celebrate 150 years of the underground (and Silver)
White – for the map background

(Photos: from the website and Facebookpage of the London Transport Museum)

London Subway by Susan Stockwell

Lazy sundays are perfect to flip through my collection of map books. The Map as Art is one of my favourites (and was the first gift my boyfriend ever gave me. Good thinking of the guy!). This piece by Susan Stockwell is also in it: a London Subway map of red cotton that is stitched on calligraphy rice paper. Make sure to check out her website because she creates awesome art work. Happy sunday!

Susan Stockwell London Subway 2007 MATC

London Subway by Susan Stockwell, 2007

Underground Scene: Tube Maps

You can’t be surprised by my love of underground maps. Now look at this beauty:

Circular Tube Map © Maxwell J Roberts, 28/01/2003, all rights reserved © Maxwell J Roberts, 28/01/2003, all rights reserved (Click here for full size version)

Max Roberts, expert on underground maps, has designed this new way to look at the London tube map. The commonly used map of the London Underground is becoming even more cluttered, hence this new circular approach. But besides this intruiging map there is even more: Roberts wrote a terrific book about metro/underground/tube (whatever you like to call it) maps: ‘Underground Maps Unravelled’ and is doing a lecture on February 19th in the Design Museum! I quote from their website about the talk by Roberts: “Since 1999, Dr Maxwell Roberts has been working on an ongoing research project to understand transport schematics, their effective design and how to evaluate them using objective methodology. In this lecture he presents his comprehensive catalogue of visual experiments and discusses his findings.” Go, go, go!

cover Underground Maps Unravelled Maxwell J Roberts

Furthermore: the book is very detailed and the book design is incredibly fresh and suitable for the subject: various tube lines running over the corners of the pages. It’s on my wish list!

Amazing TED Talk on Maps

Yes, we do love TED for their motto ‘ideas worth spreading’. Thanks W-J for sharing this TEDxDublin talk with me on the Facebook page of Maps and the City! Spreading this idea definitely worked out well.

This talk by Aris Venetikidis was part of TEDxDublin in September 2012 and it is on maps and how our brain orders information when we discover a new city. He speaks from his own experience when migrating to Dublin, but his talk makes it very easy to relate to. I can eloborate on all the funny things he says, the great maps he designed to map public transport, but I won’t. Just watch the TED Talk when you find a spare fifteen minutes. It’s inspiring!


Dick Bruna Book Cover

On his 85th birthday, this post is dedicated to Dick Bruna: the Dutch illustrator and writer of children’s books about Miffy (or nijntje in Dutch). Besides creating Miffy, the most famous rabbit in the world, Bruna also designed many amazing book covers. He also designed the covers of the Black Bear pocket books by Havank. You probably understand why this is one of my all time favourites!


Mappy Alphabet

I love all the new ways you can easily discover map art work and gadgets, such as Pinterest. I found this Underground Alphabet there, the source I could track it down to is the Tumblr¬†page¬†This isn’t Happiness. And what are the odds, it turned out to be mentioned on Brainpickings, one of my favourite blogs. The artist is¬†London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock.


Mind the Map

Looking for a nice map exhibition and are you lucky and going to London soon? This expo is definetely worth checking out. Mind the Map is on show in the London Transport Museum. In the exhibition attention is drawn to the inspiration, history and creativity behind London transport maps. Existing of historic material in combination with new artworks by for example Simon Patterson, Stephen Walter, Susan Stockwell, Jeremy Wood, Claire Brewster, and Agnes Poitevin-Navarre. Mind the Map will be on show until October 2012.

I think the name itself is already brilliant, but am excited to see the exhibition. Do share your thoughts if you have seen it!