Puzzle your World Views

Mappy quizzes and puzzles are a great way to spend your weekend, and a very dangerous thing to get informed about just before going to bed (as I discovered yesterday evening). Figure out where you are on various Google Maps snapshots in GeoGuessr. Credits for GeoGuessr go to Anton Wallén. Make sure to check out the website, because this screenshot only give you a bit of an impression. And yes, it does give you an immediate idea of the exploration fun and you can imagine the addictiveness of this website. Go explore and enjoy!


The xx Share Map

This is good. One of my favourite bands -The xx- shares the new album Coexist on a special website where users can listen to it and share with friends. Oh, and here comes the fun part: you can see on the map how these shares connect people around the world. By using the time slider on the right, you can see it develop. The visualisation is a cooperation with Internet Explorer, so it is probably best watched in IE. And the album? Pretty good, by the way.